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The Out of School Time Program is FREE to Summit students.

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OST Daily Routine for Students​​​​​​


3:40pm School Dismissal—students not staying for OST or do not have their packets in will practice their regular dismissal routine.

Teachers and Home Room Advisors—Please indicate what time would work best for me, Nikki Jo or Sarah to come in and take attendance for OST. If you would like us to leave the attendance sheet in your box each morning and have us pick it up at a certain time (or drop it in my box/office) that would work as well. This way, you are also aware of who is to be staying and leaving at the regular dismissal time.


3:41pm Kindergarten through 3rd grade will always have a designated staff person coming to the classroom to pick up the class and take to their OST area for the day. Each day, this group will be participating in either Math, Literacy or Spanish.

4th Grade will have Spanish on Thursdays and Melissa Darby will pick up the class from their class room and take them to her room.

For these groups, K-3rd and 4th on Thursdays, please do not dismiss your students staying for OST until a staff person comes to your room!

4th grade through 12th grade—Please dismiss these students to the choice board which will be located in the commons area, against south wall by the lockers. This is where students will be able to make a choice between a few different activities from 3:41pm to 4:00pm as well as their second choice from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. ALL students are welcome to have snack no matter what choice they make but they MUST check in to the choice board first so I can take attendance.


4:00pm-5:00pm Kindergarten through 3rd grade will remain with their designated staff person for a fun activity!

4th grade through 12th grade will be dismissed from 1st choice area to attend their 2nd choice area from 4:00pm-5:00pm

5:00pm Students will be dismissed from OST to practice their regular dismissal routine (If they normally ride the bus at 3:40pm, they ride the bus for OST as well. If they walk at 3:40pm they will walk at 5:00pm)


Please note:

If I have not come to you to finalize utilizing your classroom, we generally will not be using it. However, should there be bad weather and when winter hits, I may ask to utilize your room from time to time.


Students who have not turned in their packets are still welcome to turn them in at any time. Due to safety concerns, we will not allow anyone without their enrollment packet to participate or be in OST areas.


Teachers who would like to keep students for homework may do so but must indicate on their attendance sheet (Or notify me) that they will be holding those students until they are done. Only students with their packets turned in may check into OST after they complete work with their teacher and utilize OST bus routes.